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Anthony Robbins Strategic Intervention – Lyndsey Film

Published on October 6, 2009 by in Self Development

This is a special preview of a yet unreleased Anthony Robbins film.

Lyndsey Film from Mark Peysha on Vimeo.


Most people have 3 major spheres of life:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your work
  3. Your Relationships

Most people only focus on one of these and less on the next and very little on the last.

The 6 Human Needs:

  1. Certainty – stability, safety, comfort
  2. Variety – Stimulus & change
  3. Significance – special and worthy of attention
  4. Connection & Love – connection with others & ultimately to love and be loved
  5. Growth – develop and expand
  6. Contribution – give beyond yourself

The metaphor of “baggage” is used to symbolise a problem.
Tony uses metaphors & symbols to transform

…what if you put the bag down,
put it in a rocket and shot it into the sun
what happens now when you walk outside?

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful one of all.
The brain responds to symbols or metaphors more powerfully then anything else.

what’s more powerful – “Nazi” or

Christ or

We feel in our bodies whatever we represent in out brain.
Pain is when your life conditions don’t match your model of the world.  But suffering comes when your life conditions don’t match your model of the world and you feel powerless to change it.
Pain IS inevitable – it is apart of life!
Suffering is not, it is optional – you can always do something to change the pain.
I am more then enough, I was put here at this time, for this reason – even though it does not look magical or the way I think it should be, if I can’t change the environment then i’ve got to change my model of the world.
Use that pain as drive to give more to those you love.
We are all here for a reason and a purpose and it serves us (and its our job) to find the empowering meaning of why we are here.  If you find that life is magical, suffering stops.
Remember – Pain is a part of life – it is a good thing
pain opens up a well – your job is to find out what are you going to fill it up with.

Love or Fear?

Pain can result in resentment and anger or it can bring out strength love and spiritual fulfilment
suck it up and get out of the suffering, stop feeling sorry for yourself and step up and do what’s necessary now – so that the gifts that god has given you show the f**k up.
God wouldn’t give you the challenge if you weren’t strong enough to make it happen
sometimes its useful to be dyslexic
who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow – you don’t have a clue – life can change in a split second. Everything you think is so important can change in a heartbeat
so maybe you have to give what’s everlasting which is love
Love is about giving, not about getting
men want to make women happy
a women’s smile is the most sexy thing
she wants you to understand, appreciate
women’s energy takes little shit and makes it as big as possible
men take big shit and make is as small as possible
women expect a man to know everything she is thinking
men think – i’m not a mind reader
if you ask a man if he needs help with that and he says no, then he means no.
if you ask a woman if she needs help with that and she says no, she means Yes you stupid f**k
and if you say oh she said know and go off
then she will think – he doesn’t give a f**k about me
a man’s job is to be a detective, woman are always leaving clues
when you feel out of control you go into “the crazy eight”
  • sad, depressed, lonely, not understood
  • frustration, anger, resentment, rage

people that value love and connection most tend to go to sadness first

ask yourself – when you feel like things are out of control, which side of the “crazy 8” do you go to first?

Most people exit by “going down” distracting themselves

exit by going up – change your model of the world

women speak in riddles

women never mean what they are saying

the story may change but the core is the same. Listen for the deeper piece.

Be a Sherlock Holmes

Every women deserves a man that will search and find. Nothing lights her up more then a man that will stick with it.

Men love a challenge, to break through, to figure it out

If you were as committed to figuring out a women as you were to that electronic device imagine what your life would be like.

Shift your focus and shift your life – make your woman a larger sphere

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