Announcing the Corporate “App” store – using SCCM2012 Software Centre to manage and deploy applications

After a few months of kicking the tyres (in between BAU and other projects) I've finally come to the point to deploying SCCM2012 to replace SC2010essentials for Application Deployment and Management.

A neat feature of SCCM2012 is the Software Centre – which gives end users a portal for self service of application management (of approved applications)


How to Announce the "app Store" to your end users - 

Apple started it … Googles done it … even Microsoft has followed!




now its available for you!
Introducing the (corporate) APP STOREScreen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.57.40 am
What is it?

The Software Center is essentially a catalog which allows users to install available corporate approved applications.


How to Use it?

on the start button > search for: software centre 

Click on “Software Center” application to load up the catalog



then select the application and click install





System Administration is like a Theatre Production

14 January 2014                 31. Perception and Visibility                      
When done correctly, system administration is like good theater: The audience sees a wonderful show and never realizes how many months of planning were required to create the show or how much backstage work was happening during the performance. The majority of the work required for any performance is invisible to the audience.

All Excerpts From

Thomas A. Limoncelli;Christina J. Hogan;Strata R. Chalup. “The Practice of System and Network Administration, Second Edition.” Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002-01-02T00:00:00+00:00. iBooks. 
This material may be protected by copyright.


Such a great analogy being that I work at a performing arts venue.

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Migrating Exchange Public Folders from 2003 to 2010

We have successfully implemented a new Exchange 2010 server which was running along side the old Exchange 2003 server.

In order to decommission the exchange server I followed this guid to move the Public folders over.

Note that there doesnt appear to be any good notification of the status of public folder migration. So I let the old server run for about a week to ensure that everything had moved over.

Resources used:

Exchange Server Pro


Once I felt confident that all Exchange 2003 Services had been migrated over to Exchange 2010, I disabled all the 2003 services from loading.

I then monitored for any issues for about a week.

Upgraded to Exchange 2010

We finally migrated over from exchange 2003 and implemented our new Exchange 2010 server. 


clean up process to begin early Jan.

One of the new features that I'm looking forward to using is the - In built Archiving (no more PST files! woop!)

Moving from VMWare ESXi to Microsoft Hyper-v

I've almost finished moving all my servers from ESXi to Hyper-V. It has been very easy to do this using a free tool – 5nine V2V easy converter

In the future I will be using Microsoft System Centre Essentials 2010 to perform P2V and V2V conversions.  I have used MSSCE2010 to perform a few (P/V)2V conversions already, however as I had to move the SQL server (which is a virtual guest that has the MSSCE2010 database) – …yes i know that not best practise to do and it just bit me in the ankle…

So i had to find another way to move the SQL server.

Windows 7 – Howto resolve users being prompted to install printer drivers

In an Active directory environment, under windows 7 – users get prompted for the driver when installing a new printer (even if the printer or driver has been installed before)

and since users don't have admin rights then they are unable to install the printer driver.

You can fix this by creating a GPO

Configure Group Policy settings for "Point and Print" on BOTH computer and user settings (Vista previously only had user settings). The Location of the settings can be found here in GPOs:

  • Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Printers\Point and Print Restrictions
  • User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Printers\Point and Print Restrictions


Source: From this Microsoft Technet Forum Post

OSX Lion Permissions Issues – User sessions don’t save, and crash

some permissions on my OSX Lion accounts were having the following issues after updating to 10.7.2

It could have been caused by something else (like me screwing around with the ACL permissions on folders etc), but this was the major change at the time.

Issues included:

  • windows would not save when closing. e.g. safari would revert to home screen and didn't save open tabs.
  • restarting would load an old user session of open windows
  • Preview and TextEdit app would crash when attempting to load them


Download the application BatChmod



Select your user directory and set the permissions accordingly:










          Change ownership and privileges


          Clear ACLs (10.5+)

     Apply to enclosed folders and files


Best Exercise for Toning up?


The best type of exercise is anything that you can do consistently!


There is no one exercise, diet, pill or silver bullet to get fit and healthy.  Its a conscious decision to become that person.
….that will be $1000 thanks!
but seriously… if you can only walk, then fine just do it.
I remember when watching the biggest loser one season, and one of the older guy's was not allowed to do anything except walk and i think a bit of swimming and he was losing as much as the other contestants.
but its all about consistency, eating right and having a goal + a bit of determination!
You need to change your mindset to being a fit and healthy person!

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